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Helix’s Kyra Zagorsky Shares Her 5 Favourite Beauty Picks

Kyra Beauty Picks

Real Style caught up with Helix star Kyra Zagorsky to learn the secrets behind her fresh faced beauty.  While her character on Helix is usually more concerned for her life than her appearance, Kyra Zagorsky maintains her flawless skin with a very un-fussy beauty regiment.

This busy and proud mom, wife and of course talented actress shared her 5 favourite beauty picks, take a look:


Sun Protection:
1.”I have this Colorescience topical powder, sun protection, it’s amazing. And I love it, I love it, I love it.” “It just comes in this tube, it’s a powder so instead of putting on another powder, it’s a powder sunscreen , it’s just awesome.”

2. “I love it and as far as skin care, I love the Skinceuticals line and you can get it in Montreal and also it’s distributed in the states too, it’s just really great skincare lotion and cleansers, and everything and creams and all that stuff.”

Hair Care:
3. “There’s a L’anza hair line, their healing oil, I love it. I don’t typically, I let my hair dry, it’s got enough of a wave to it, I don’t like to do too much to it, but I’ll just put that oil in it and it just does it’s own thing and it just makes it really shiny and nice.”

Lip Care:
4. “I’ve been using those little Vaselines with coco butter.”

5. “I went Egypt a decade ago when my husband and I got this oil, it’s a fragrance oil, it just takes the essence of these scents and they basically showed us how they made these oils, but that’s what I’ve used, I love it more than perfume because perfume gets all the extra chemicals and things inside it and it can just become overpowering and this is just the essence of the scent, I love it.”

Photo; Isabelle Ella

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