Blonde Hair & Red Hair Rule In 2014

Hair trends and hairstyles come and go, but for 2014, popular hair colours and hairstyles will span the spectrum. Shades and styles getting big buzz this year include red hair and blonde hair. Popular shades expected to dominate 2014 will include rich brown hair, subtle ombre and two-toned hair, platinum blonde and traditional blonde hair as well as red hair. Hair styles expected to be popular include long hairstyles, shorter hair styles (like the bob hair cut) and layered hairstyles.

Beautiful face of blond woman

Platinum Blonde Hair – Not for everyone, platinum blonde hair colour is expected to be one of the hottest hair colours of the season. Bold and sexy, platinum blonde hair offers up an icy look that can be quite complimentary to fair skin tones. If you’re interested in trying out platinum blonde hair and currently have brown or red hair, we strongly recommend a visit to a salon for a professional assessment. Platinum blonde hair is very difficult to do at home and upkeep is time-consuming. Many women who try out platinum blonde hair, tend to keep hair shorter (long hairstyles are more difficult to maintain).

Heather Z/Vlean Diamonds shhot

Rich Brown Hair – No need for highlights! Ladies with brown hair who want to skip highlighting can focus instead on maintaining their rich, brown hair. Stars embracing the brown hair trend include Katy Perry and Zoe Saldana.


Gradual Ombre Hair – A more subtle, toned-down version of the popular ombre hair trend, a gradual ombre hair look offers brunettes graduated soft, golden hues (its also easier to maintain than traditional ombre hair).

blonde hair11

Blonde Hair – Does blonde hair ever go out of style? Women will continue to lighten their hair and blonde hair will continue to be popular. Variations on blonde hair will include adding in strawberry and gold highlights. Blonde hair is always easiest to pull off for those with naturally lighter hair like brown and dark blonde.


Red Hair – Britney Spears recently dyed her hair a dark red shade and others will likely follow suit this year. Red hair can be especially complimentary to women with natural brown hair and olive skin tones.

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