6 Beauty Tools You Need To Try

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What are beauty tools you ask? Simply put, in the age of technological advancements, and whirlwind products that are quickly saving our skin -we’ve quickly upgraded our beauty routines.

Long are the days of exfoliating with a facial sponge, or wiggling a mascara wand with a ferocious fight. Our Beauty regimes now consist of plugging in our scrubbers and getting salon worthy results at our desk. Behold the 6 must have beauty tools we’re currently coveting and seriously swooning over.

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1. Lancôme Oscillation Vibrating Infinite Powermascara: Clump free at last ! Power through your lashes with luxe beauty tools that also happens to be one of the best selling mascara’s on the market. The innovative wand uses 7000 vibrations a minute to effectively coat each lash with the expected luxury of a Lancôme formula, but with a 360-degree layer. ($39.50,

2. T3 Featherweight Blow Dryer: Are you guilty of blasting your precious strands with high heat everyday? Join the club, we meet at the hair dressers every month. However, the T3 Featherweight beauty tool is about to change everything. The sleek design and drastically lighter weight makes your mornings much more manageable. It uses ridiculously fast tourmaline drying technology to dramatically cut down on hair punishment time by 80%. ($220,

3. TRIA At Home Laser Hair Remover: Let’s all chant collectively: goodbye wax! We’ve decided it’s time to stop holding back the tears at the salon, because it’s embarrassing and now unnecessary with the Tria at home laser! This little wonder has a hefty price tag but not when you think of all the combined waxing appointments you are replacing it with. Dermatologist and FDA approved, the Tria laser effectively removes face and body hair with its diode laser technology and state of the art design.($449,

4. Clarisonic: Of all the beauty tools – this is one of the most coveted. This little cleansing machine will change your life. Washing your face everyday with your hands and fingers doesn’t actually get all of the dirt, oil and makeup buried within your skin from the day. The Clarisonic uses its best selling pulsating bristles to completely free your beautiful fresh skin, as well as exfoliating the much-needed dead skin cells for a smooth finish. ($150,

5. Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device: White teeth make all the difference and the best way to save a little time on your hair and makeup routine on cold winter mornings is with a great, white smile.  The best part about this kit  is that you can use it anytime you are feeling scorned from your coffee stains. Try it and you just might find yourself smiling on a Monday morning. Maybe. ($199,

6. SEPHORA BY OPI gelshine Gel Colour: Long are the days of chipped nails – and in a world where we’re welcoming new beauty tools on the daily, this happens to be one of our favourite. Go forth smoothly through your week with a mani that you’re not going to have to redo by Tuesday morning! Sephora’s new gel nail kit uses their premium gel polish formula and LED drying light to give you an at home gorgeous manicure, finally! ($189,

Photo; Sephora on Instagram 


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