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Dermatologist Dr. Barankin Dishes on Common Skincare Mistakes


Now that winter has arrived, we’re all feeling the effects of the drier air around us and going a bit heavier on the moisturizer from head to toe. But your skincare products can’t take all of the blame for your skin’s appearance; your daily routine as a whole might be contributing to the dryness of your skin.  Dermatologist Dr. Barankin reveals some of mistakes and lifestyle choices you might be making that are contributing to your dry skin.

Real Style: How does bathing effect your skin? 

Dr. Barankin: The drying process after baths and showers can actually dehydrate your skin even more, so keep it brief and the temperature warm instead of hot, which can strip your skin of natural oils.  Remember to pat skin with a towel – don’t rub! If you moisturize with a good product immediately after bathing, then the bath or shower will not have a dehydrating effect.

RS: What steps should people take in the shower to help dry skin?

Dr. B: Limit bathing and showering times to between five and ten minutes and use warm water. After bathing, immediately apply a gentle moisturizer, like Spectro Dry Skin Therapy Intense Rehydration Moisturizer. A healthy moisture barrier prevents evaporation of the absorbed shower water and helps protect against external elements that cause dryness and sensitivity.

RS: Are there certain things we can add or remove from our diet that can help or hurt skin care issues?

Dr. B: A vegetarian or vegan diet is great for the skin as are more fruits and vegetables. More fish, less red meat, and minimal alcohol and caffeine are all beneficial.

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RS: What environmental or physical things triggers eczema and dry skin that we can look out for?

Dr. B: Known environmental triggers can include fragrance, dyes, rough scratchy clothing such as wool, cold weather, hot weather and furnaces.  Airplanes are notoriously drying to the skin, so bring moisturizer on your flight. Stress, pollution, and dehydration from insufficient water intake or excessive alcohol or caffeine can all aggravate the skin. Some places you visit may have harsher water that is more irritating to the skin when washing.

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