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Arctic Air’s Pascale Hutton Discusses Cold Weather Beauty


If there’s anyone who knows about having to alter a skincare and haircare regimen for winter weather, it’s Arctic Air’s star Pascale Hutton. Playing a bush pilot in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, her character Krista Ivarson faces lots of outdoor adventures, a lot of which are filmed on location not far from the Arctic Circle. Real Style asked Pascale Hutton to share her cold weather skincare and hair care tips.

Real Style: What are your favourite beauty products?

Pascale Hutton: I’ll be honest, I have quite a regime that I follow. Your skin takes a toll when you’re working on a TV show, and so you need to take care of it. So I really like the Valmont creams, and then I use Vivier serum. The makeup artist on our show, she’s just come out with this new line of face products. It’s called Aiona Alive, and she’s just launched it, and it’s amazing. She’s come up with this live collagen that she has kind of patented, and it’s almost like this kind of living, breathing mask that you can kind of put on and it just protects you against the elements.

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RS: Is there something different that you’re doing because you’re filming outside in such cold temperatures?

PH: Yes, absolutely. When we’re filming up north particularly, I use much heavier-duty creams, just because with the wind and the cold, it’s hard on your skin.

RS: Is it hard on your hair too?

PH: Yes, our key hair stylist got me onto this Wella deep conditioner. I do it once a week while we’re filming. Up there is extreme with the cold, but then there’s the heat of constantly having your hair done and the products and stuff; it just takes its toll. So this just keeps my hair healthy all season.

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