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Guilt Free Holiday Treats

Holiday dinner table

With the holidays around the corner and plenty of snacking opportunities up ahead, you may be worried about over-indulging on goodies with so much temptation around. Luckily, guilt free snacking is a possibility this Christmas, proving that seasonal treats can be both healthy and heavenly. Here is Real Style’s guide to some great guilt free snack ideas:

1) Organic strawberries drizzled with dark chocolate: Everyone craves chocolate around the holidays, and it’s hard to resist the goodness of chocolate-covered anything. Luckily, dark chocolate is not as sinful as you may think- it comes packed with antioxidants and has been known to help control blood sugar levels.

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2) Shrimp cocktail: Low in calories, high in protein, and enriched with vitamin A (which helps produce red blood cells), shrimp are a staple at holiday parties and make a fantastic appetizer.

3) Vanilla parfait: If you have a sweet tooth, vanilla parfait topped with fresh fruit and nuts or granola might be an excellent way to satisfy your craving. Probiotic-enriched yogurt (whether you choose a refrigerated Greek variety or delicious froyo) will give you some daily calcium, all while being a delicious dessert.

4) Nuts and cranberries: It just wouldn’t be the most wonderful time of the year without nuts and cranberries. Not only are these holiday favourites perfect for a quick snack while wrapping gifts, cashew nuts come loaded with magnesium (great for strong bones) as well as being heart healthy. Cranberries are also antioxidant-rich and vitamin C-fueled.

5) Almond and honey butter cookies: Cookies are such major Christmas traditions that it’s hard to imagine not enjoying at least a few this month! Made with whole wheat flour, honey instead of refined sugar, and almonds (known for lowering cholesterol levels and building strong enamel and bones), these cookies promise to be a crowd pleaser. Happy holiday snacking!

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