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Gold Leggings That Promise To Reduce Cellulite

Proskins Leggings

British intelligent apparel company Proskins have created a pair of leggings made of 24-karat gold that boast built in anti-aging and cellulite reducing properties. As well, these discrete cellulite banishing leggings, can be worn underneath just about anything which will keep you warm and toned this winter. With workout gear and technology collaborations on the rise, we now have options of toning our legs with advanced shoes, or reducing sweat with tech-savvy shirts. While the options are seemingly endless, our favourite genius apparel have got to be these gold infused leggings that banish our visible signs of cellulite and aging.

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According to the Proskin’s website, the 24-karat gold that is weaved into the fabric allows the body to produce more hyaluronic acid, which will ultimately help to moisturize the skin. This anti-aging property will help skin return to a more youthful state, all the while reducing visible signs of cellulite.  While we might normally condone working up a sweat in order to banish cellulite for good, these effortless and easy leggings can take some of the work out of your workout. Real Style would love to test drive these cellulite reducing gold leggings, but unfortunately they’re all sold out!

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