Beyonce Launches Another Fierce Fragrance

Beyonce Instagram

On the hot heels of shocking every social media outlet, and the world for that matter with her surprise fifth visual album, Beyonce has just announced she’s launching a new fierce fragrance. It’s reported that Beyonce’s new fragrance ‘Rise’ will be a pillar” in her fragrance line, and is described as an “intoxicating, addictive luminous floral,” as well as a little bit more intimate and personal.”

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Beyonce’s provocative new scent was inspired by a Maya Angelou poem, and we can only assume that ‘Rise’ will be able to hold it’s own against her signature scents, ‘Pulse,’ and ‘Heat.’ While Beyonce is not a perfumer by trade, one of her most sumptuous scents ‘Heat’ is the best selling celebrity fragrance of all time.

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We can only begin to imagine that “Queen Bey’s” new fragrance ‘Rise,’ will shatter her former best-selling fragrance record out of the water, and whatever notes Beyonce is blending together seems to be working wonders. We seriously can’t wait to get a sniff of this scrumptious new scent, which is set to arrive on store shelves just in time for Spring.

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Photos; Beyonce on Instagram

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