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Unison Skin Therapy Anti-Aging Face Mask Review

Unison Skin Care has developed a line of HydropGel Masks infused with hyaluronic acid, collagen and y-PGA to help repair and hydrate our skin. Unison promises smoother skin, less puffy eyes and softening dark circles after just 30 minutes of wearing the mask.

Unison’s face mask is a hydrogel patch made of plant collagen that is infused with above ingredient. When you first open the package some of the liquid might spill out, but don’t worry that liquid is there to keep the mask moist. It’s done a great job, but you should be careful when opening it.

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The eye patches fit perfectly and stay on after application. The full facial mask, on the other hand, did not fully fit the contour of our face and was opening up on the side. The neck piece, while coming in a large container, was surprisingly small. All of the masks have a pleasant slightly rose scent.

After 15 minutes, our face was visibly better moisturized and the under eye puffiness was gone. The skin felt tighter and fine lines were diminished, The short term effect of visible results lasted for 12 hours. The face mask states that with regular use of the product twice a week will result in visibly smoother and tighter skin.

Our verdict is that the Unison face mask is a  good product which produced results. It is found at a much lower price point than other competitive products on the market.

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