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Stunning New Chanel Ad Features Marilyn Monroe’s Own Voice & Unseen Images

The image and spirit of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe continues to resonate with the media and fans even now, more than 50 years after her tragic death. One of Marilyn’s most famous quotes related to her favourite fragrance Chanel No.5. She is said to have confirmed that the only thing she wore to bed was Chanel No.5.  The legendary fragrance is now using Marilyn’s own words in their new ad campaign beginning later this month.

The campaign will feature original audio from a recently found interview Marilyn did with journalist Georges Belmont in 1960.

You know, they ask you questions. Just an example: What do you wear to bed?” Do you wear a pyjama top? The bottoms of the pyjamas? Or a nightgown?” she told Georges Belmont, then editor-in-chief of Marie Claire. “So I said Chanel No.5. Because it’s the truth.”

See below for the new Chanel No.5 ad featuring Marilyn Monroe below.

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