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Jennifer Lawrence Beauty Secrets

We love Jennifer Lawrence’s fresh-faced beauty and natural presence in front of the camera. With the actress recently embracing a bold new hairstyle just in time for the premiere of Catching Fire (in theatres on November 22nd), Real Style decided to explore her fitness and beauty routines. Here’s our guide to Jennifer Lawrence’s best-kept secrets:

1)      Uses organic bath salts:According to, the busy star likes to relax at the end of the day just like all of us- with soothing bath salts! Organic bath salts are known for their health benefits, and we can all see the relaxed and healthy glow on Jennifer’s face (that is, unless she’s in full Katniss mode on screen, of course!)

2)      Does yoga and cardio:In an interview with Celebuzz, the actress’ personal trainer Joe Horrigan mentioned her workout strategy. With plenty of cardio, intense warm-up exercises, and a mix of light exercise days that included yoga, she manages to stay in shape.

3)      Loves the DECLEOR Radiance Flash Mask:DECLEOR Paris embraces natural beauty, which may be why the down-to-earth actress loves their Radiance Flash Mask. We can’t help but admire her glowing complexion at red carpet events.

4)      Believes in being herself: Jennifer has said many times that she feels healthier and happier with her natural curves, and refuses to place herself into the Hollywood box. “I’m miserable when I’m dieting and I like the way I look.” After all, inner beauty always shines on the outside- we can see her confidence.

5)      Uses Mark Townsend as her hairstylist:When the 23-year-old recently cut her locks and surprised fans with a blonde pixie cut, she relied on celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend of Starworks Artists in LA for the exciting new look. Over the past year, Mark has taken the star from brunette to blonde, and now from long and loose to short and daring. We can’t wait to see her next style!

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