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Falls Five New Favorite Fragrances

With the holidays soon approaching, our shopping lists are becoming longer, and our fall scent stockpile list is definitely becoming more exciting. For the beauty junkie and fragrance aficionados out there, you too must feel the sheer thrill of the release of a new scent. Of course, there are no shortage of celebrity fragrances out there, but the beauty nerds go-to’s will always be the designer blends. They craft an artisanal amalgamation of scents that are sophisticated and somehow perfectly mesh with our skin ultimately creating a beautifully fragrant aroma. It is these taste makers that truly understand what women want – sorry Mel Gibson, and know what scents, colors, and even packaging create a lasting impression on the store shelves. It can take years to create the perfect scent, and some of the most routined and veteran perfumers out there have created a fine art in bottling a brand. It is not as simple as swishing vanilla and berries in a bottle, but rather curating a selection of scents that will simply work.  Below is a beauty breakdown of our five new fall fragrances that you can collect for yourself, or perhaps gift for the holidays!

1. Jimmy Choo Exotic, $110,
Notes:  Blackcurrant Sorbet, Pink Grapefruit, Tiger Orchid, Exotic Passion Flower, Tart Raspberry, Patchouli.
This latest release by the shoe king himself, and it was inspired by the colorful python skins used in his refined and ultra-luxe accessories. This new favorite fragrance was “created for a strong, but playful woman who is free-spirited and confident in her style.” The iconic Jimmy Choo fragrance has been reinvented with an beautifully intense fuchsia bottle that would be perfect for the girly-girl on your list.

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