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Marc Jacobs Unveils Men’s Makeup

Women have already rushed to Sephora to get their hands on his makeup line, but now Marc Jacobs wants the guys to know that there are beauty products for them in his collection too.

Marc Jacobs has released a video talking to the men out there about how he personally uses some of the products in his makeup collection. He says that he feels that some of the products are unisex.

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Marc Jacobs says the Remedy concealer is good for guys to use under their eyes to cover up those dark circles, the brow tamer to keep your brows in check, and the lip lock minty lip balm.

With men’s beauty on the rise, girls should expect the guys to start scooping up these products from shelves and borrowing them from their beauty bag to stay looking their best. Watch Marc Jacobs test out the products here:

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