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Is Oil Pulling The Next Big Beauty Trend?

Although coconut oil has long been regarded as a useful ingredient in cooking, cosmetics, and hair care products thanks to its organic nature, a newly rediscovered beauty technique is now recommending “oil pulling” as the next step in a natural glow. Oil pulling consists of rinsing your mouth with oil on a daily basis.

The ancient practice was first revealed in Ayurvedic medicine in India, and practiced for years by those who wished to detox and stay healthy. Evidently, oil pulling leads to protection from colds, viral infections, irritated skin, aches and pains, and indigestion. It also apparently strengthens enamel, leading to improved dental health.

While oil pulling is said to lead to better health, it is also suspected to have beauty benefits- with a whiter smile and clear skin among the listed results of the daily oil-swishing regime.

According to, the oil should be spat out after rinsing (although there are no harmful side effects to swallowing). While the website recommends using cold-pressed or refined oils such as sunflower or sesame, other sources like natural beauty expert Molly Beucher have tested the more exotic coconut variety- with positive results.

Since oil pulling requires a 15 minute margin for the mouthwash to take effect, this may be a beauty and health tip to test out on weekends. After all, there is only one way to find out!

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