Halloween Manicure Tutorial: Cute and Creative Cuticles

With Halloween soon approaching, we’re hoping our creative costumes will be the talk of the town. Our getup’s are planned and precise, from our crowns to capes and everything in between, not one detail has been overlooked. While matching our nails to our costumes might be an ultra-tricky task, we’re thinking a freehand D.I.Y manicure that is as different as it is daring will be your ultimate accessory. For a relatively easy guide on how to create a full set of perfectly pretty digits watch this YouTube video for some interesting inspiration and eleven ghoulish guidelines.

 You Will Need:
– A variety of polish colors: Orange, black, green, green, purple, metallic gold, gold glitter, and star glitter (or any colorful glitter polish)

– Toothpicks

– Nail dotting tools or bobby pins

– base coat and top coat

1. Apply the base coat to clean cuticles

2. Apply black polish to your thumb and pinky finger to create the “starry sky” effect

3. Apply several coats of the gold glitter polish over top the dry black polish until you have reached the desired effect

4. With a toothpick, apply several stars from the bottle of star glitter to the thumb and pinky nails

5. On your pointer finger paint cuticle with a few coats of purple polish

6. Using the dotting tools apply three spots of green polish to the nail and drag the dot upwards forming a line to the tip

7. Paint the missing gaps of goop with green according to your desired effect, keeping in mind that this design will only be applied to the middle-tip of the nail

8. On your middle finger apply several coats of orange polish

9. Once dried draw on a Jack O’ Lantern face with black polish, and with the dotting tool fill in the smile with the orange polish

10. On your ring finger apply a few coats of the metallic gold polish, and go over it with a layer of gold glitter polish

11. Apply a topcoat to nails, and voila c’est fini!

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