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Real Style Tries Shiseido Ibuki Skincare

Recently, Real Style had the chance to try Shiseido’s breakthrough new skincare system, set to arrive in store at both The Bay and Sephora locations across Canada in October. “Ibuki” means inner strength in Japanese, which is exactly what Shiseido strives for with its latest skincare collection (meant for busy young career women in their 20s and 30s’ who want a complete skincare regimen perfect for a hectic schedule).

While we were familiar with the beauty brand’s good reputation, the concept of the Ibuki collection was something new. The system is created with a formula known as Shape Memorizing Cell Technology, aiming to keep skin cells in their original shape instead of shrinking and losing moisture. This way, the skin stays renewed, resilient, and nourished.

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Ibuki includes a range of cleansers, moisturizers with SPF defense, and even a helpful eye correcting cream. With nothing to lose, we decided to start off with the Ibuki Purifying Cleanser as the first step in our skincare routine. Thankfully, the scrub left our skin feeling refreshed and smooth- even after using just a tiny pea-sized amount. With its claim to fame being the ability to guard and protect the skin’s moisture, we were pleased when it left our face feeling soft (instead of rough and dry as some exfoliants tend to do).

Both the Purifying Cleanser and the more sensitive skin-friendly Gentle Cleanser are incredibly foaming, quickly working their way into an intense later which brings a rich bubble bath to mind! Be sure to use a small amount, or you may end up using more of the product than you actually need. While the version brings your skin that jolt that it needs in the form of a burst of energy, we preferred the Gentle Cleanser. After all, there was no denying that baby-soft feeling we were left with after giving it a try!

The Softening Concentrate (which is applied after washing your face with a cleanser) is also a great step. With a hair serum-like nature, you’d expect it to feel slightly greasy on the face- but we were pleasantly surprised when our skin felt silky soft instead of oily. Next, we tried the luxurious Refining Moisturizer and the Refining Moisturizer Enriched cream, both of them created with peony root extract, witch hazel extract, and the cutting edge PhytoResist Complex.

We look forward to keeping up the Shiseido Ibuki beauty routine, and keeping up the fantastic skin!

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