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Real Style Tries Marcelle Waterproofing Mascara Topcoat

Not all mascaras are created waterproof (or equal, for that matter), but now you can add a “raincoat” layer over your lovely lashes to guard them against sudden waterworks or an impulsive swim while at the beach. Real Style tried Marcelle’s new Waterproofing Mascara Topcoat over an everyday, non-waterproof formula.

At first glance, the bottle seems convenient enough- a type of seal to be applied over already-mascaraed lashes which is created like a mascara wand itself. Excited to try the new topcoat on, we didn’t realize how runny the formula would be, and promptly spilled clear liquid everywhere! Other than its liquid consistency, the rest of the application went smoothly. The top coat stayed in place over our lashes, and definitely made them waterproof (even after a quick face wash and several hours of wear, our eye makeup was intact and looking good).

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If you are planning a day at the pool or in the hot tub, Marcelle’s top coat is a great idea to add over any type of mascara. We’d recommend being extra careful if you experience any eye sensitivities or wear contacts, although the formula has been ophthalmologist-tested and is paraben free as well.  It’s also a welcome change from drying, damaging waterproof mascaras which cling to the eyes for days on end, as the topcoat didn’t leave our lashes feeling brittle (and us feeling bitter). With a formula which is not harsh and made no difference to the texture of our eyelashes, it seems that this waterproof solution is a foolproof move!

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