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Lily Collins’ Beauty Secrets

If you haven’t already fallen in love with Lily Collins, you are bound to this week when you catch her in The Mortal Instruments. This young budding actress has a kind of natural beauty and charm that can’t be faked. We wanted to find the secret to her look, so here are some of Lily Collins’ beauty secrets:

Embrace Your Quirks

Lily Collins has learned from growing up in Los Angeles that looking different can be an advantage. She told Glamour that she mother taught her that “it’s the quirky things that make you beautiful.” And we love Lily Collins for all of her quirks.

Low Maintenance Mama

Lily got her start in college where she says she didn’t wear a lot of makeup or fuss with her hair because it just wasn’t practical. Lily stuck with the basics of moisturizer, powder, mascara and ponytails to get her through her day to day.

About Those Bold Brows

Lily Collins is known for her bold brows. Now that the look is on trend, Lily can rock her brow proudly, but she admits it wasn’t always that way. As a teen, bold brows weren’t on trend, so she says she has tried to pluck them. She realized the look didn’t suit her face though and now she embraces her trademark feature.

Hair Care

If rumours are true Lily Collins does have one area where she could take better care and that is her hair. Despite fan protests, Lily Collins didn’t dye her hair ultra-red for the role of Clary in the movie. The Mortal Instruments author Cassandra Clare said Lily didn’t dye her hair because she had dyed it so much for other roles that it would have fallen out. We hope it’s not true, but if it is, Lily needs to give her hair some serious TLC.

Girl Around Town

Instead of going to the gym, Lily Collins likes to do workouts that let her get out into the fresh air. She has said that running and cycling are her favourite activities to start off a busy day.

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