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How To Do Selena Gomez-Inspired Hair and Makeup

With the release of her hit single Come and Get It this spring, Selena Gomez has quickly become a young beauty icon, thanks to the sleek wavy locks and dark eye makeup she sports in the music video for the catchy tune. Here’s our guide to getting your own Selena-inspired beauty look, in keeping with the video’s glamorous vibe while keeping the hair and makeup work-appropriate.

1) Start off by creating a subtle yet seductive smokey eye look. You will need an eyeshadow in a subtle grey shade, a black liquid or gel-based eyeliner (try L’Oreal Infallible 12 Hr The Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner), and a thin makeup brush in order to smudge your makeup effectively. After applying a double layer of eyeshadow (only if you need to), add a thick winged line of eyeliner on your upper lids. You’ll then smudge the dark liner into your eyeshadow, creating that dark and edgy look which is Selena’s trademark.

2) Apply a thin line of liner under your lower lash line and smudge slightly using the brush. While the YouTube tutorial uses false eyelashes by MAC, feel free to apply a double coat of a great quality mascara instead if you prefer.

3) Next, apply a subtle, pale pink lip gloss to balance out the intense eyes. While Selena Gomez has bright red lips in her Come and Get It video, the light lips shown here are actually perfect for transforming a night out look into something more natural for a regular weekday.

4) After your makeover is complete, start by braiding small segments of your hair near the crown into tiny braids. This is also set to be a breakthrough fall trend, and one which is easy to pull off with minimal styling! As for the rest of your locks, separate your hair into two sections and curl each side with a double barrel curling iron. Loosely back comb the sections, and finish off a styling spray such as OUIDAD Styling Mist Setting & Holding Spray. You’re now ready to “come and get it”!

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