Carmindy’s Top 5 Beauty Products

There’s no telling how many beauty products Carmindy has in her makeover arsenal. Even so, What Not To Wear’s beauty-full (in every sense of the word) makeup guru, best-selling author, and even star of her own smartphone app, had no trouble narrowing down a handful of her favorites. Consider it a Carmindy to-do list for achieving naturally radiant looking skin, and long, full lashes. Here are the Real Style notes…albeit scribed using lipstick on a mirror (or not).

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“Crème de la Mer. My skin is as dry as the desert and this is the only splurge that keeps me totally hydrated.”

“Blinc Mascara in Black for natural, smudge-free lashes. This mascara comes off easily with warm water, too.”

“Fresh Satin Luster Palette to ‘Carmindize’ my face! To ‘Carmindize’ apply this on the brow bones, on the inner corners of the eyes, and on tips of the cheekbones.”

“Non-latex, vitamin E infused wedges to blend on my liquid foundation.”

“Latisse for longer lashes.”

-Heidi Hofstad


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