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Your Best Face Forward — Job Interview Beauty Tips

Calvin Klein Fall 2013

We’re positive there’s more to you than a pretty face, and that’s why you’ve got your upcoming job interview in the bag for the most part. But brains, hard work and personality aren’t the very first thing your potential employer will see. Specifically if you’d be working in a public environment, your interviewer is likely looking for that something special that will bring out your aptitude with a single glance. Eyes and teeth are two common elements of a good potential hire, and the look you come to the interview with will help seal the deal professionally. Here are our top tips:

1. Eyes on the prize. If you want to emphasize one part of your face with makeup, choose the eyes but do it right. Instead of going for liners and shadows, focus on a strong, arched brow and set of full lashes for a bright and aware look.

2. Keep lips light. Aside from a sheer wash of confidence-enhancing colour or a slightly moist balm, lips should stay subtle for the interview. Unless of course, this is a very creative or fashion environment you’re hoping to head on board with. Biggest lip tip? Smile!

3. Smile clean. Speaking of smile, your teeth are a big selling feature for your personality. They need to be on their best behaviour, so try a white strip the night before your interview and double check that your breath and in between your teeth are in check.

4. Work good clean hair. There’s no need for a severe ponytail or boring locks for the interview, but your hair should speak volumes about your work ethic so make sure it’s tame, in control and clean. Showing you take time on your appearance has never hurt in an interview.

5. Highlight your assets. Just as you’ll likely highlight your resume’s best points, highlight your skin and features for vitality and brilliance. We don’t mean highlight with glitter or too much shine, either, and an overly bronzed look may denote that you spend more time by the pool than in the office so keep it natural.

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