Steal These Summer Makeup Tricks From The Pros

For over 175 years, Guerlain has been developing luxury beauty products that pamper your face and body, so we were sure their National Make-Up Artist, Marie-Claude Brault had scored some time honoured traditions as a part of her placement with the brand. Real Style asked Marie-Claude for her advice on how to handle your makeup and tools this summer.

What are some tips you can give when shopping for make-up this summer?

When it comes to get ready for summer and fighting wrinkles, sunscreen is the most potent weapon. Therefore, it is critical to look for make-up products that include SPF such as the Guerlain lingerie de Peau Beauty Booster, which is invisible on the skin and delivers multiple actions with an SPF of 30. Guerlain BB cream hydrates to help plump up the skin, it provides a second skin effect, it evens out the skin with a sheer results that matches the skin tone and finally it protects, which is the most important action during summer time to safeguard the skin’s beauty and youthful appearance.Here is your face saver that makes applying SPF so easy!

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How does one keep their makeup intact with the hot weather this season?

Keeping your make-up intact is achieved thanks to the perfect primer: Meteorites Perles, Les Ors. This light-Diffusing Primer will prevent your make-up from melting off your face and will ensure your skin is prepared for the warmer months ahead! Les Ors will reveal the natural radiance of tanned summer skin and will refresh it in a flash!

How does one maintain proper care of their makeup kit and tools?

If proper care is not taken for make-up tools, it can turn out to be the breeding ground for bacteria and harmful germs. All these germs and bacteria can easily come in contact with your skin when you use the make-up tools. Therefore, you should always keep used brushes separate from the clean ones. When you don’t have time to wash them, use a cosmetic sanitizing solution or spray. There is no need to clean the makeup tools on daily basis but it can be done once in a week to keep them clean and improve their lifespan. Never allow your friends or family to use your make-up products this will ensure their integrity and prevent from contamination.

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