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Protect Your Skin with SPF-Enriched Foods

We all know that we can protect our skin by applying SPF through sunscreen, but did you ever think of ingesting it? According to dermatologist and author of Feed Your Face, Jessica Wu, we often don’t recognize the potential in certain foods to guard our skin from harmful UV rays. Of course, sunscreen is the best form of protection, but when the sun gets really strong it can never hurt to be extra careful. Here is a list of foods you should incorporate into your diet this summer for that extra boost of SPF.

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Tomatoes: Apparently most fruits and vegetables are effective, but most research has been directed at the potential for tomatoes to reduce redness, swelling and pain after UV exposure. Tomatoes are high in an antioxidant called lycopene that aids in preventing UV damage.

Chocolate: The darker the better! Chocolate that has a high concentration of the antioxidant flavonols helps to protect the skin from sunburn, but it needs to be 70% or darker.

Fish: Omega-3’s can be found in fish oil and help to increase your body’s natural SPF.

Cranberries: This fruit is rich in ellagic acid which has been proven to fight sun damage and pre-mature aging

Walnuts: Like cranberries, Walnuts have an abundance of ellagic acid which helps to block enzymes from forming which are said to break down collagen and elastic tissue.


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