Picking The Right Nail Polish For You

Have you ever gotten a manicure and thought that the shade looked nicer in the bottle than on your own nails? While we love to play and experiment, picking the right shade of nail polish should be just as delicate a process as choosing eye shadow or lipstick that suits your skin tone. “Finding a shade that best complements your skin tone can really add to your overall look,” says CND nail expert Jennifer Mather. She says that any age can wear colour, it’s just which hues work best for you. Here are her tips:

– Brights look fabulous with darker skin tones because of the contrast.  Brights also make hands look youthful, energized and accessorized. Try CND Shellac in Lobster Roll or Bikini Pink.

– Medium or olive skin tones can pull off vibrant colors that others may not dare wear. The boldness of the polish colour makes olive skin tones appear even more golden.  CND Shellac in Water Park, Limeade or Bicycle Yellow are ideal shades.

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– Pastels are a go-to for those with fair skin tones. Any polish with a pink or blue undertone will look amazing! CND Shellac in Cake Pop and Azure Wish have been my recent pastels of choice.

– The key is to choose a neutral shade that complements your skin tone. Fair skin looks soft and feminine in a sheer shade with a hint of pink.  CND Shellac in Negligee and Grape Fruit Sparkle are the perfect complement to fair skin. Medium skin tones looks great in soft creamy colours and darker tones can find a match in warm sand to shades of chocolate. CND Shellac in Rubble and Faux Fur make great neutrals.

– We also need to consider the length of nails when we talk about great neutrals. Nudes and soft shades pair well with medium to long nails.

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