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New Sunscreen Labels Help Remove Guesswork

Americans will start to see new sunscreen labels that will help remove the guesswork in shopping for the product that will protect you best. The FDA implemented the new label rules in December, so you should see the new labels appearing on sunscreen in the drug store now.

The sunscreen labels will show you clearly which will help prevent only sunscreen and which also help to prevent skin cancer and aging. Under the new rules, sunscreen that protects against skin cancer, aging and burning will be called “broad spectrum” and must have at least an SPF of 15. The other sunscreen that only protects from burns will state that on the label.

The have also banned claims such as “instant protection,” “waterproof,” and “sweatproof.” Also they will stop the SPF scale at 50 now, with everything above being called SPF 50+. All of these changes are to stop people from getting a false sense of security when a product isn’t really doing anything extra to protect your skin.

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