Beauty Interview

Learn The Tricks From Beauty Entreprenuer Manna Kadar

Growing up in Paris and California, young Manna Kadar developed a passion for quality beauty products. This led her on her quest into the industry, which started with opening beauty boutiques, tanning salons, and beauty salons. After using other brands, this beauty pro decided to develop her own line using combining all of the things she loved about makeup. Real Style caught up with Manna Kadar to learn her tips, inspiration and plans for the beauty brand.

We like the idea of a simplified beauty routine using a step by step process. How did you develop the idea for your signature three step makeup application?

In my 16 years in beauty, the most prominent issue women ask me about is “What do I do with make-up.”  Women love cosmetics, but most have many questions on how to properly apply make-up and further, in what order.  I created the 3 Step process that falls in line with the philosophy of my brand to keep “Beauty Simplified”. I created a system that is easy and user-friendly.

Describe a few of your celebrity beauty icons, and how you draw inspiration from their red carpet looks to bring the idea of beauty home to the everyday woman. 

I have always loved Maria Menounos and Giuliana Rancic.  With Maria, she has a timeless elegance and is relatable.  I think Maria knows what colors/silhouettes looks best on her and focuses on accenting her best features, which I am a big proponent of.  She is also very open about not being perfect and struggling with the same issues every woman does and works very hard to maintain her physical appearance.  I think this is a very important point to drive home to women in that it takes time (doesn’t have to be a lot of time) & concerted effort to look great.

With Giuliana, her personality shines through on the red carpet in her fashion/makeup, which I think is important to the everyday woman.  It’s not about trying to keep up with all the trends- it is about being comfortable in your own skin and working what you’ve got!

These women personify what my brand is built on.  I create all of my products to be fun, feminine and functional and this is what drives me to create high quality products that can be used for the working woman in the midwest to a celeb on the red carpet.

For fall 2013 beauty, what are your predictions in terms of the latest looks? What can we expect to see at Manna Kadar?

For fall 2013, I expect to see deep, rich hues such as oxblood, with colours such as Street Smarts and Revamp on the MKC site for color inspiration.  At MKC, I am always working on creating innovative, new products to the market.  I will be launching my newly formulated lip glosses and lipsticks that have Primer within the product to ensure 12+ hours of wear.

What are some of your most popular and successful products so far, and what is it about them in particular which makes them “must haves” for your makeup kit?

The products in my line that really stand out are ones that are multi-functional & long wear.  I created the Pretty Smart Collection to classify products that have earned special recognition for all of the many beauty solutions they solve.

One of the most popular items is called Sheer Glo, which is an incandescent highlighter.  You can mix this product with foundation for a J-Lo Glo or use directly on the face as a highlighter.  Use with a body lotion to give your body an all over radiance.

Another product that has gained a lot of attention is Transfix, a glycerin based product that transform any eyeshadow into an eyeliner.  Transfix can also be used for brows and on the water line.

Prime Time is a 4 in 1 product: Eye/Lip Primer, Highlighter & Concealer.  This product cuts your make-up prep time down to seconds and holds eyeshadow/lip color in place all day long.

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