Learn How To Master This Fall Hair & Makeup Runway Look Now

We are midway through summer and already starting to look ahead to the upcoming fall collections. This look that accompanied VAWK’s fall collection is the perfect way to kick start your makeup into fall without feeling like you are rushing the summer. Courtesy of Redken’s lead hairstylist Jorge Joao and Maybelline’s head makeup artist, Grace Lee, the models looked flawless on the runway. We got all of the tips and tricks on how to get the exact makeup and hair look so we can work on mastering it at home this summer.

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Grace Lee told us that because of Sunny’s Scandinavian and ice age inspiration, she wanted the skin to look very milky and creamy. Maybelline’s Dream Fresh BB Cream was used all over the models skin and then the brows were filled in with the Maybelline Define-a-Brow pencil, to emphasize the brows and lashes, Grace brushed the brows and curled the lashes and added heavy doses of the rocket mascara, which is her favourite from Maybelline’s range.  Cheeks were free from blush and bronzer to ensure that all of the focus was on the beautiful red lip and glossy eyelids.  For lips, ‘On Fire Red’ from Maybelline’s Color Sensational Vivid’s lipstick was applied with a lip brush and then a red lip liner was used to create the perfect, clean bold lip. The final step was all about the glossy eyelid, Maybelline’s color sensational gloss in clear was dabbed right on the lid. “My biggest tip about applying gloss to the eyelid is to make sure there is no redness and don’t bring the gloss close to the lashes,” said Grace.

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The Vawk hair, may look like a complex runway style but Jorge Joao talked us through the steps and proved that it’s quite easy, and with a few minor adjustments it can definitely be wearable to everyday. The first thing the Redken stylists did was add Fabricate 03 into the hair and did a directional blowdry, once that was done the brought the hair over and created an exaggerated left part. Everything was pinned and tied off the side, the top of the hair was left very clean and shiny and then the bottom part of the ponytail was made to look twiggy and very piecey. Hot Sets was added to the bottom and then the stylists flat ironed the pony to create a board texture to give it the twig-like effect. Jorge told us that it was made to look like a fan sitting on the left shoulder and that the entire look was a collision of textures.

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