Khloe And Kristen’s Side Cornrows: Hit Or Miss?

What do Khloe Kardashian-Odom, Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Aniston have in common? The reality star, movie star, and small and big screen superstar all stepped out recently with an eye-catching new hairstyle that can be seen as a hit or miss. While the edgy, urban side-braided cornrow style suits Khloe’s bold attitude and style, we were surprised to see it on natural beauty Kristen and especially on the always-classic Aniston a few weeks back.

Stars from Heidi Klum to Carmen Electra have tried out this trend in the past, in which the hair is party deeply on the side and tightly braided back, letting the rest of locks sweep naturally. While Kristen’s single braid was more loose and effortless, Khloe’s kept it tight in cinched back plaits.

Aniston, who wore her honey-blonde hair in a similar style, should stick to her au-natural goddess thing, we are thinking. But Kristen’s gone edgy with fashion recently, and Khloe’s a no brainer to pull this one off. What do you think? Hit, or miss?


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