Kaleo Diet 101

With recent diet trends like the Clean Detox and Paleo Diet quickly developing a fan following among health and fitness fanatics, the Kaleo Diet is only the next natural step. Developed by California-based weight loss coach and personal trainer Amber Rogers (who was once overweight herself), the diet takes the basic principles of the Paleo Diet and adds a unique touch to the nutritional plan- a strong emphasis on fresh veggies as opposed to meat. The Kaleo Diet (named for its inspiration, Paleo, and its usage of fresh kale).

Kaleo promotes a vegetarian-friendly diet, with plenty of raw vegetables and locally grown produce. With its founder being a vegetarian who consumes eggs but avoids any type of meat, the name is true to type. The diet’s lofty title is also inspired by the Greek term “kaleo” (which means “the voice” or a type of higher calling).

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With an emphasis on plenty of exercise, the aim of this diet is to burn as many calories as you consume, while eating heartily. Although its founder developed the diet five years ago at age 35, she is now a fit and healthy 40-year-old mother who has strived to inspire others to follow her lead. Essentially, the Kaleo Diet states that it is perfectly alright to gain weight, as long as the extra weight is being converted into muscle and used by your body effectively.

Rogers also describes the need for a shift away from fad dieting, which often causes more nutritional stress and health concerns than it actually resolves. In her book Taking Up Space, the Go Kaleo founder discusses the need to increase one’s daily intake of calories and protein in order to keep up with the demands of fitness. This can be achieved through greens, root vegetables, and any balanced forms of protein. However, like any other diet, it is important to consult with a nutritional expert or doctor before deciding to “go Kaleo”.

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