Japanese Women Officially Live The Longest In World

Once again, Japan’s women reclaim the title as the world’s longest living women. Known for their heart-healthy diets and active lifestyles, Japanese women can expect to live beyond 85 years of age.    
News.com.au reported that health ministry data showed girls born in Japan in 2012 could expect on average to live to 86.41, up from 85.90 in 2011 when the average was dragged lower when thousands of lives were cut short by the natural disaster.”Death rates rose in 2011 due to the disaster but the life expectancy picked up again with that factor coming off,” a health ministry official said.

The Japanese diet has long been admired for its healthy focus. Basics in a Japanese diet include fish, rice, vegetables, soy, sea vegetables, fruit, tea and soup.

To determine the ‘winner’ the health ministry compiled international rankings using data from Japan and 48 other countries plus Hong Kong. Japanese men’s life expectancy also rose to a record 79.94 years from 79.44 in 2011, becoming fifth longest-lived.

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