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Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Laser hair removal has always been a bit of a controversial beauty choice. There are women who absolutely love the procedure and find it effective for hair removal, and others who dislike the high price point and find the results disappointing. While the camp has always been divided on laser treatments (after all, ladies on a budget can always shave, wax, or use depilatory creams like Veet), a recent article in Elle magazine describes the hidden dangers of the medical spa procedure.

According to dermatological expert Dr. Gary Chuang of Boston’s Tufts Medical Center, laser plumes (the gases which are emitted during laser treatments) can be potentially dangerous. Without the appropriate medical precautions like proper ventilation, the fumes produce and will give off compounds which are in fact toxic. With toxins like benzene, toluene, and ethylbenzene being carcinogenic, it seems that laser treatments (like any other beauty treatment) come with a list of pros and cons.

Dr. Chuang’s results will be published shortly, and could lead to some changes in dermatology as well as affecting the reputation and popularity of laser removal, which has developed a fan base of its own in the past several years.  Here’s hoping anyone considering the process weighs the advantages and disadvantages before booking a session- after all, health always comes before beauty!

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