How To Sweat-Proof Your Summer Makeup

Melting Season

Don’t melt away at the face! As scary as that sounds it’s a real issue now that we’re deep into the humid and hot summer months. From sweat resistant products to special makeup artists’ tricks to staying intact, we’ve got the best ways to keep your makeup looking fresh in sticky July and August.

Best On The Market

Beauty companies seem to know just how to save face (our face, that is) as we are seeing more and more products just for the hot months. Summer’s essential product (primer!) is a great base for your summer face. We’ve picked some of the best products out there, from Blinc’s shadow primer, to the intensely (read — stays put!) Georgio Armani Eyes To Kill shadow.

Dew It Right

Dewy is a good thing, and we don’t recommend going for a matte makeup look in summer anyway. So opt to copy this pretty, natural Balmain runway beauty look by keeping shades soft and overall makeup light and fresh. Choose waterproof mascara, and SPF-containing BB creams rather than heavy foundation or powder. Save face, and don’t be subjected to melting makeup this summer.

Shop the Look
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Photo: Style.com

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