How To Protect Your Hands & Nails

Getting constant manicures, spending time in the sun and working long days can all take a toll on your hands and nails. We want to make sure our nail are always ready for our next manicure, so we turned to the pros to make sure we knew how to keep our nail healthy. We asked CND’s nail expert Jennifer Mather for her advice on how to properly care for our nails and ensure they are healthy.

Is there anything we should look for in our nails that might signal a problem with our nails?

The most common problem that I see is delamination, or peeling nails. It is when the free edge of our nails become dry and the layers of nail cells become unstuck from each other. This results in the weakening of the nail.  CND SolarOil used daily has an incredible cumulative effect for problem nails. As the SolarOil penetrates the layers of the nail, it lubricates and conditions the nail to help prevent peeling and aids in the flexibility. It increases toughness of the nail to avoid breaks and snags. As a bonus, SolarOil also conditions the surrounding skin. Healthy nails will experience better service longevity, whether it be for VINYLUX, CND Shellac or an enhancement service. I call CND SolarOil “Liquid Gold”, a must have for all nails!

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Is there anything else we should you be using to protect your nails and hands?

CND Cuticle Eraser, an A.H.A based moisturizer, along with CND SolarOil is a moisture duo that no nails, hands or feet should be without. CND Scentsations lotions are packed full of vitamin E, aloe and essential oils. There is a scent to match everyone’s personality! Try CND Scentsations in Coconut Mango or Citron Breeze to capture the scent of summer in a bottle.

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