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How To Make Your Manicure Last

Nowadays, having polished nails is as essential to one’s beauty regimen as brushing your hair. If you’re not into soak-off gels such as Shellac, nail stickers or press-on faux nails, and prefer regular nail polish, you may find yourself frustrated with how quickly it can chip. With a little bit of extra effort, you can make your DIY mani last longer. Some rules to extend the life of your nail polish job.

1. Ensure your nail beds are totally clean. Don’t just grab a bottle of polish and start applying the colour. Use a nail polish remover and swipe each nail to ensure all oils are removed from the nail bed.

2. Don’t skip a basecoat. “The base coat creates a sticky base for your enamel to adhere to,” says Naomi Misu of Tips Nail Bar. Besides, it also protects your natural nail from yellowing due to pigments in the enamels. Also, you may find it helps certain nail polishes from staining your nails.

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3. Seal off the tips with polish. You may be able to cover your entire nail bed with three swipes of polish, but you’ll want to make sure that the polish seals off the tips of your nails so that the polish job is long-lasting.

4. Do apply a topcoat. Just as important as your base coat is your top coat! “A topcoat to finish your manicure adds shine and longevity,” says Misu. “Always remember to seal the tip or free-edge of your nail with topcoat, too; this will give you a few extra chip-free days,” she says.

5. Use nail products designed for specific benefits. A topcoat and a base coat perform different tasks—a product that promises to do both jobs likely won’t perform well at both. Nail polishes that are created to be speedy as all-in-one polishes—they’re ok if you need to apply polish really quickly, but you’re likely to get better polish performance by using separate products and investing time into doing your nails.

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