Fake Thick Hair For A Gorgeous Summer Look

If you have always wished for voluminous locks but haven’t had much luck with achieving the look, now is your chance to fake the look of thicker, healthier hair with great shine. Here are a few key tips and strategies for pulling off the appearance of full-bodied hair, without extensions or expensive salon treatments:

1) Lighten up: A few effectively placed highlights are a great idea for giving hair a sun-kissed glow, along with more depth and dimension. Also, it’s a known fact that colouring the hair expands the strand itself, therefore plumping it up. Just make sure that you continue to take care of and nourish peroxide-treated locks. Low lights (streaks which are darker than your natural shade) are also a smart move for creating substance and a thicker appearance.

2) Use volumizing shampoo: If you find your hair has been thinning and you want to achieve volume, look for a good quality volumizing shampoo. Try Bumble and Bumble Thickening Shampoo (formulated with glycerin which softens the hair, pro vitamin B5, and aloe vera leaf juice)

3) Try coconut oil: There’s always a natural solution to every beauty concern- and coconut oil works wonders for hair which is fine, thinning, or becoming limp in texture. Not only will you get the bounce you so desire, your hair will feel moisturized and nourished thanks to the coconut. Try The Body Shop’s Coconut Oil Hair Shine to smooth and add volume.

4) Don’t overdo it: Hair tends to get damaged from excessive heat styling, like daily blow drying or straightening. To keep the damage at an all-time low and have your hair look healthier and thicker, avoid washing or heat styling hair everyday (which can result in that awful over-processed look we all try to avoid!)

5) Deep condition: Deep conditioning treatments can be a wonderful thing for your roots, giving hair new life. If you are looking for an at-home solution, try Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Conditioner for a quick lift and lasting results.

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