Celeb Trend: Do You Love Or Hate Claw-Like Nails?

Pointing To A Trend

All signs would show that the pointy, dagger-esque claw nails of stars from Rihanna, to Gwen Stefani, to just about anyone else with a wild side (including Ashanti, above, who shows her talons in white), are making a big splash…er, scratch, for summer. But we’re still not entirely sold.

Good Or Bad Girl?

Paired with the apparent dangers involved with touching one’s own face and drawing blood, the most risky nail look we have tried is the textured thing, or the one finger in a different hue trend. What we do like, though, is the statement that these growly manicures are making everywhere from the red carpet to your local coffee shop.

Dare To Wear

These nails aren’t saved for October 31st or even nighttime anymore, as stars step out in the look and regular girls the world over are seen copying the trend with their own extra-long, extra-sharp talons. We aren’t sure if any of these women actually have to use their hands in daily life (except to hold a microphone or point to which designer dress they want to wear, but we can see the appeal of showing one’s very, very bad girl side on the tips of fingers. Just don’t let this go to the toes – ack!

Photo: Startraks 


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