Canada Day Nails From Red Carpet Manicure

We asked the pro-polishers from Red Carpet Manicure—the at-home LED gel manicure system—to come up with a truly Canadian nail art design to celebrate our nation’s birthday! Canada’s own Carly Rae Jepsen is a fan of this chip free manicure system that lasts for weeks. Follow the easy steps below and show your country pride down to your fingertips, in a stylish and fun way.

1. Use Red Carpet Manicure’s Prep and Structure; cure under the LED light.

2. Polish your nails with two coats of “White Hot,” curing after each layer.

3. Using a thin red sharpie marker, draw a small “M” in the middle of your nail and add an upside down “V” at the center of the point.

4. Repeat two more times, angling downwards on the right and left sides.

5. From the bottom, on each side, draw a line out at a slight slant and connect the two lines across with a third horizontal line.

6. Add a stem coming from the straight horizontal line.

7. Fill in your maple leaf with “Runway Red,” cure under the LED light and finish with Brilliance, Revitalize, and Purify.

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