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Beauty Tips for Humid Weather

When humidity strikes it can be hard not to have a beauty nightmare! It is almost impossible to wear makeup without having it melt right off your face, and your hair usually ends up in a frizzy mess. The key is to keep your makeup minimal, and play up different hairstyles and accessories. Humidity usually means a lack of moisture for both your skin and your hair so it is important to keep both hydrated so that you continue to look fresh and glowing.


Start by washing your face thoroughly with an oil-free cleanser. Follow that up with a toner to remove any excess oil. Then apply primer to the whole face to you’re your makeup in place throughout the day. It is also important to apply sunscreen at this point to protect your skin and actually help your makeup adhere to your face. If you must use foundation, stick to one that is oil-free and lightweight. If you can skip it, simply cover-up problem areas with concealer and then set with a mineral finishing powder. Apply waterproof mascara and eyeliner to finish the look. Stick to lip products that are not sticky like a basic lip balm or a lip stain for some colour. If you can find one with SPF in it that is even better!

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Humidity is often a nightmare for hair creating uncontrollable, frizzy locks.  If you must wear your hair down, opt for conditioning products and try to avoid blow dryers. It’s best to let your hair dry naturally and finish with a smoothing serum. Humidity can also be great for experimenting with different hairstyles and hair trends. Try a trendy top-knot or high ponytail for a polished hairstyle. You can also try out a loose braid or low ponytail for a carefree look. If the damage has already been done, cover up your hair with a cute floppy hat or trendy headscarf.

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