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Top Celebrity Personal Trainers

Fighting to lose those last few pounds and wondering how Hollywood manages to keep itself in shape? You have to realize that it probably helps to have an expert personal trainer at your disposal! Here’s our round-up of top celebrity trainers. Follow them online or find their books to score the same tips as you favourite fit stars:

1) Harley Pasternak: The 38-year-old from Toronto now calls LA home, where he trains celebs like Katy Perry, Amanda Seyfried, and Kim Kardashian. He has a master’s degree in exercise physiology and nutritional sciences from the University of Toronto. The tough yet talented trainer is also credited with designing The 5 Factor Diet, which encourages five meals a day that include essential protein, complex carbs, fiber, fat and fluids.

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2) Jillian Michaels: Anyone who watches The Biggest Loser has become familiar with the tough-talking 39-year-old trainer and her dedication to getting participants into shape. Overweight as a child, she became inspired by the world of fitness after taking a martial arts class growing up. It was only the first of steps up the ladder for Michaels- she is now responsible for the 30 Day Shred challenge, an Xbox 360 fitness game, two books, and countless slimmed-down followers.

3) Tracy Anderson: With famous clients like super slim Gwyneth Paltrow, ultra fit Madonna, and the petite Shakira, one can only expect the best from this fitness expert and former dancer. She’s developed her own workout strategy (the Tracy Anderson Method), and become famous for it in Hollywood. Although the 38-year-old Los Angeles native gave birth to daughter Penelope just last year, she’s already returned to her usual toned self.

4) Gunnar Peterson: As personal trainer to the eternally youthful J. Lo, Gunnar Peterson knows a thing or two about staying healthy. A self-described former fat kid, he once told Glamour that his mother sent him to Weight Watchers meetings at the age of ten. Armed with a degree in physical fitness, psychology, and nutrition from Duke University, he went on to own an exclusive fitness facility in Beverly Hills. With 25 years of experience training, the gym guru lives by the 4 F-Words of Fitness- function, foundation, freedom, and focus.

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5) Bernardo Coppola: Known for helping Mariah Carey maintain her famous curves and for getting the cast of Glee fit, Bernardo Coppola is a nutrition expert as well as trainer. He used a combination of aquatics, cardio, and weights to get Mariah in shape, as well as emphasizing a healthy lifestyle. The former rugby player from Argentina moved to the United States to attend California State University, and has been keeping fit ever since. 

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