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SuperBeauty: 5 Most Beautiful Lois Lanes Of All Time

Amy Adams In Man Of Steel

1. Amy Adams in Man Of Steel. This gorgeous redhead turns the idea of brunette-only Lois Lanes around and portrays a naturally gorgeous ginger-haired love interest of the Man Of Steel himself in this newest remake out this week.

Margot Kidder In Superman

2. Margot Kidder in Superman. Alongside the Superman of the last generation, Christopher Reeves, Margot Kidder gave life to one of the most famous comic books love interests of all time, and beautiful she was.

Erica Durance In Smallville

3. Erica Durance in Smallville. Clark Kent and his lady love Lois Lane took a turn to the small screen in this now defunct show. She was brunette, gorgeous and well-versed in superhero love as any good Lois should be.

Kate Bosworth In Superman Returns

4. Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns. While we can’t normally picture the blonde actress as Lois, she had the bookish thing down pat and is beautiful without question.

Teri Hatcher in Lois And Clark

5. Teri Hatcher in Lois And Clark. She wasn’t always so desperate. In another small screen adaptation of the popular comic book story, Teri starred as a gorgeous dark-haired and stunning Lois.


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