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Real Style Tries Scent Of Departure Bali Fragrance

If you are looking to bring home a little piece of your summer vacation, The Scent Of Departure line of fragrances is hoping to transport you back to your exotic locale with just one spritz. With fragrances inspired by New York, Paris, Tokyo and Dubai, you decide where you want to go. Real Style tried the exotic Bali fragrance to see if we were transported to another world.

The Scent Of Departure: Bali is at first a fruity fragrance with a citrus smell. When you spray it, you get this burst of orange and lemon the livens you up and readies you for the following smell. The second layer opens up to your nose helping you envision big flowers of a tropical paradise. This is where the scent get bold and beautiful. You might think we are crazy, but it really does take you away to a tropical paradise. This is laying in the sand on a warm day under a canopy of bamboo and wild flowers without a care in the world.

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As the fragrance relaxes, it tones itself down into a musky finish in the end. It’s still a feminine. This musk has girly florals and vanilla keeping it light. When mixed together it is that of an exotic princess.

To add to all of this, the bottle of The Scent Of Departure fragrance is so cool. It is designed with a bar bode like the tags they put on your luggage at the airport, helping you to remember your last trip even more.

If you want a trip around the world without leaving your room, we recommend you try one of these fragrances, just don’t be too sad when you open your eyes and realize you still have to head to the office

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