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Real Style Tries Pari Beauty

A new professional line of cosmetics, Pari Beauty, has launched in Canada and Real Style tried out the new makeup to see if it stood up to our current favourites. While we don’t have a problem switching drugstore brands in our beauty bag on a whim, finding something to replace the high end professional quality makeup we covet is next to impossible. Pari Beauty might have just added the list of our top makeup though.

The first product we tried was their glossy Lip Paint in vibrant shade of fuchsia and red. This gloss went on big and bold. It was really flattering to the skin and the best part is it stayed on longer than any other lip colour. It even lasted throughout lunch, which is an impressive feat. We were rocking the fuchsia lip paint all weekend long.

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We next tried the face makeup. The Mineral Glow powder is a very light powder for the skin. It leave a natural pretty finish. The Pro Coverage concealer is our new go to for covering up blemishes all day long without worrying.

Unlike other brands, that are considered professional makeup collections, Pari Beauty is really affordable. The Mineral Glow powder is just $22, while our favourite new Lip Paint is a budget friendly $14. This means you don’t have to store away your Pari Beauty makeup because you can’t afford to replace it every few months. Pari Beauty allows everyone to play with quality makeup.

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