Laura Vandervoort’s Five Favourite Beauty Products

Our current cover girl Laura Vandervoort is just as stunning beautiful in person as she is on in the big and small screen. Before she suited up in the stunning Tex Saverio gowns for our photoshoot, we had to ask Laura Vandervoort what her five favourite beauty products are to get the secret to her flawless look. See what Laura Vandervoort says are her favourite products and then read the full interview with her in our current issue to learn more about her dark side.

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Peter Thomas Roth Mascara – “When I was shooting White Collar in New York, we shot at Peter Thomas Roth’s house. He was there, we were chatting, he sent me some of his stuff and I fell in love with his mascara. It makes them long and great. It’s the best mascara I’ve ever used.”

Brazilian Peel – They sell it at Sephora and I use it once a week. You use it at home. You put it in a syringe, it comes out warm, you put it on for five minutes and after a long week of makeup it’s fantastic.”

Black Nail Polish – “I’m not allowed to have polish as a wolf. For six months I’m not allowed to have anything on my hands or feet, because when I transform into a wolf, the wolf would have whatever colour. That was one of the little things we have to think about for the show. Normally my girlfriends laugh that I am always the one wearing the black or blood red polish, while they are in pinks.

Egyptian Magic – “It’s almost like Vaseline. If you rub it and it turns more liquidy. It heals everything. People probably put it wherever. My girlfriends and I put it all over our face at nighttime. It’s such a great moisturizer and it heals. It’s magic.”

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YSL Top Secrets – “My makeup artist just told about this product. She put it under my eyes at 3 am when I needed something. It cools and tightens the skin. She said you can put it all over. You can put it on during the day over your makeup if you are getting tired.”

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