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Justin Bieber’s New Fragrance Gets Leaked

Justin Bieber is rumoured to be working on a new fragrance and the details have been leaked. The name of Justin Bieber’s new fragrance is “The Key.”  According to reports this new scent from the Canadian pop star is for men this time.

We’re not sure how many guys are going to want to pick up the smell of Justin Bieber, but maybe he is hoping that they will want to smell like the guy who makes young girls around the world go wild or score their own Selena Gomez. It’s more likely that ladies will be buying Justin Bieber’s scent for the men in their life.

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Justin was already spotted shoot ads for the new fragrance. A picture of the blue box it will come in has been leaked, but you still can’t tell whether the scent is going to be his first men’s fragrance or his third scent for women. We will have to wait and see.

[Photo Adam Sundana]

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