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INHIBITIF- New Hair Removal System

With summer weather here at last, women everywhere are scrambling to wax, shave, or depilate the hair on their legs in time for the season of skirts and swimwear. With laser hair removal being an expensive option, some of us might be looking for newer choices as the temperature quickly rises and hemlines go up. There’s a new system in place which wants you to put down your razor, forget about saving up for laser sessions, and think outside the box.

What is it?: INHIBITIF is a new hair removal system designed for British drugstore chain Boots. At £29.99 (or $47 CAD), the serum promises results within 8 weeks- with the growth of thick and dark hair in unwanted places greatly reduced after usage. The serum claims that you’ll no longer need to shave or wax after using it twice daily for the two months. Once users of the product start seeing results and some time has passed, it’s recommended to cut down your use from twice a day every day to only three times a week. Although the product is not available in North America yet after just making its British debut last month, it may make its way across the pond eventually.

What’s in it?: The serum is made with dihydromy cerin, a compound which targets the growth of body hair right from the follicle. The chemical lauryl isoquinolinium bromide also cuts back on the thickness of hair. Last but not least, it’s formulated with soothing ingredients such as aloe and corn-based maize propanediol, which also help your skin absorb all the chemicals comfortably (and without irritation).

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What happens?: INHIBITIF claims it takes on a “three step approach” to keeping its users hairless. The serum combats hair growth right from the root of the problem (literally and figuratively), and leaves the body hair which does grow back making a very slow return to its former glory.

Who can use it, and where?: The website claims that all skin types and all hair colours (whether dark or light) can use INHIBITIF. However, women who are pregnant or anyone with a skin condition or irritated skin should consult with a doctor before giving it a test run. It’s created with body hair in mind as well, and is not recommended for use on facial hair.

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