Faux-Tanning Tips From A Pro

Looking for a gorgeous subtle glow now that you’re wearing some revealing summer clothes? St. Tropez Skin Finishing expert Fiona Locke was in town recently with St. Tropez and we chatted with her about her celeb clients and got some advice on getting great natural results.

1. First off, don’t shy away from self-tanner because you don’t want to look “tan”—it’s about balancing the skin tone. Often, when we say the word tan, the dark, leathery skin people used to covet comes to mind, but using self-tanner doesn’t have to mean that these days. “You can be very subtle with it, so that it doesn’t look like a tan,” says Locke who worked with Sienna Miller for the Golden Globe Awards. “Never in a million years would you say it’s a self tan by looking at it, but it was a full-on custom spray tan and illuminators,” she says. A self-tanner can help take the edge off the skin by taking away redness and blue tones in the skin, she explains. “It helps to balance the skin tone.”

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2. Work with colour that builds if you’re new to using self-tanner. If you’re pale as a ghost and unsure what colour to use, she recommends using a colour that builds slowly. When working with her celeb clients, some she might see two to four days before their event (“if their desired results is a subtle and faded look,” says Locke) or it may be at 11PM the night before so that they sleep in it, shower and get dressed for the red carpet.

3. Made a tanning faux-pas? You can correct it somewhat. If you ended up too dark, or have uneven tanning, if you are within four hours of applying the product, you can remedy the situation with St. Tropez Self Tan Remover, says Locke. If you’re past that four-hour window, she recommends soaking in a bath with some baby oil in the water. “This will soften the skin so you can exfoliate and eliminate any bad areas of the self-tanner,” she says, adding that using lemon juice on the stained areas can help, too.

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