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5 Rules For Beach-Ready Skin

With the mercury finally rising and sundress and tank top weather soon here, take a good, honest look at your skin. Did you let your skin regimen slide a little over fall and winter? Most of your body, after all, was under knits and many layers for months now. If it’s looking a little dry and more than a little scaly and dull, it’s time to bring out the glowing-skin big guns. Exfoliate like a pro by following these five rules and you’ll be ready to bare your body come the next heat wave.

1. Invest in a dual-action scrub. Exfoliators can scrub away your skin in two ways: with little bits that physically rub away dead skin cells (think crushed bits of shells, seeds, or rice, for example), and this is called a mechanical scrub. A chemical scrub uses the action of enzymes, lactic acid, and silica beads, to break down the links between skin cells. Buy a product that contains both types of exfoliants, and you could get more done in the same amount of scrub time.

2. Brush your skin. Brushes aren’t only for your hair and makeup. Use a dry body brush all over your body before you shower and it’ll feel lovely while helping stimulate circulation and loosening up dry skin cells on the surface, prepping them to be whisked off with your exfoliant.

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3. Put on some gloves to scrub. While your hands can certainly do the job just fine, don a mitt or glove and you might get some additional scrubbing action (or if in a rush, the glove or mitt with your regular soap or shower gel can be an easy way to fit in exfoliating when you’re trying to get out the door).

4. Protect your skin post-scrub with SPF. When you remove the top layer of dead skin and reveal fresh, new vulnerable skin cells, you’ll want to be sure to protect this just buffed skin well with a sunscreen of at least SPF 30.

5. Be consistent with your scrub regimen. Check the label of your chosen scrub, but most body scrubs are gentle enough that they’re fine to use on a daily basis. If you only manage to exfoliate once a month, you can hardly expect to get the fresh, glowing skin you covet, after all, can you? A regular routine is key.

– Karen Kwan

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