3 Barre Workout Exercises To Do At Home

One of the latest hot workouts you’ve probably been hearing about is barre. But don’t mistake it for a ballet class. While a ballet class includes elements of dance, a barre class is more of a workout that utilizes highly effective dance training moves without the dance, explains Voula Floros, director of Barre Beautiful, a studio in Toronto. “It utilizes moves that a dancer would use to strengthen and perfect form in order to be able to execute the more complex moves required when dancing,” she explains. Plus, barre classes are also infused with Pilates and strength training moves that would not be part of a ballet class, add Floros. So you don’t need to worry so much if you’re not coordinated as a dancer as the focus with barre is higher repetitions and not choreography.

While going to a studio for a barre class will help you in terms of instructors being able to help you achieve proper form and execution (along with motivating you), Floros has shared three exercises you can do at home for the times you can’t make it to class.

Lunge to Forward Attitude on Relevé

1. Stand parallel to and place your hand on your support (use a countertop, chair or back of your sofa). Step back into a deep lunge with your left leg, engaging  your abdominals, chest lifted; lengthening from the top of your head, tailbone is slightly tucked, right shin is vertical to floor and knee is in line with second toe but not passing over toes. Free arm is softly held up to the side slightly lower than shoulder height.

2. Bring left knee upward and bend medially with a pointed toe (toward your support) as you rise up to your toes on your right foot and lift your left hand overhead with a slight rounded arm and soft elbow.

3. Return to start position.

16 repetitions switch sides and repeat. Do 3 sets.

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