Updated Ombre Hair For Summer 2013

Ombre hair has been a popular sight on both runways and city sidewalks since at least 2010, but with summer on the horizon, it leaves us with the desire for an update. While ombre is still in style, it’s changing with the seasons, with a new twist on the hair trend for 2013. Here are some suggestions for updating your ombre hair if you’re looking for a newer look:

1) Soft blending: In the past couple seasons, ombre looks have been striking and determined to stand out, with dark roots and sunkissed ends. However, the trend is slowly inching toward more of a graduated effect, with the two tones being from a similar colour family. This softer effect is perfect for the warmer months, great for pairing with printed sundresses and flowing tops.


2) Natural warm tones: Ombre doesn’t have to be jet black roots ending in edgy violet. If you’re aiming for more of a subtle effect appropriate for the office, warm caramel locks ending in dark blonde are a perfect way to keep the ombre trend simple and sophisticated. The key with the new ombre is to keep things light, neutral, and basic for summer.

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3) Reverse ombre: Ombre becomes trendy and unique with this year’s trend of lighter roots ending in dark tips, a contrast from what we’ve become used to known as “reverse ombre”. Lauren Conrad wears this look perfectly, with beach-ready waves and just the right amount of lighter blonde at the ends.


4) Plenty of body: Ombre hair is no longer limited to straight, overprocessed locks in an attempt at perfection. The trend is shifting in the direction of bigger waves, curls and bouncy hair which is ultimately healthy and not in denial of its natural texture. Demi Lovato has embraced this updated trend with her shiny, sleek curly ombre touched with red gold.


5) Accidentally on purpose: At best, ombre should look like a happy accident, and not a forced dip-dye effect with a complete difference in colour tone (as we were used to seeing in 2011 and 2012). Enjoy what is naturally yours, and don’t be afraid to work an ‘accidental” ombre look with grown-out highlights. While Lea Michele’s hairstyle might be more professionally made than a professed mistake, we still like the highlighted effect with darker bangs which makes the colour appear a little faded!


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