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Stem Cell Skin Care Has Arrived

Scientific advancements have always been a big part of the latest breaking beauty products, but a new line of skin cell based products is taking your skin care to a new level of advancement. Stemulation Luxury Skin Care uses stem cell technology to rejuvenate your skin and claims to offer a fresh new face to aging skin.

As you age, stem cells die and Stemulation wants to help revive the stem cells in your skin, which they say will in turn help you look younger. They say their new products have created a way for stem cells to be absorbed through the skin. It uses an antioxidant to get the formula into your skin.

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Stemulation says it can reduce fine lines and wrinkles by 46% and tighten the skin by 65%. It also claims to be able to reduce the look of sunspots and be eco-friendly to boot.

Stemulation products come in a variety of forms including cleansers, lotions, scrubs and serums. Prices range from $35 for a cleanser to $380 for the serum and crème set.

While there don’t seem to be any official reviews of the collection online, it could be worth a shot to get younger skin.

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